I love this place--you can actually feel a Zen sort of peacefulness when you come in from the world. A small neat little place for Fairbanks, Alaska--and as the name implies--this stuff is to go, and it's done so nicely. One of the true indicators of a place of business is how the employees feel toward their boss. From the manager to the people working in their shops, all seem to love Mr. and Mrs. Lee, and I've got to admit they're pretty darn sweet. As are the beautiful creations that come from his hand, many just plain works of art, not only in looks, but in taste as well. Check out the menu, give them a call if you're hungry for great sushi in fairbanks, Ak--

Monday through Saturday  11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

     Phone: (907) 374 - 5664

Fax: (907) 374 - 4892      

(in the corner of Bentley Mall parking lot,  in the little strip mall behind Safeway Gas and the Car Wash) (click for map)

516 Old Steese Highway,  Fairbanks, Alaska 99701